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The Island POA Rules and Regulations: 

Please note that The Island Vista Resort is not a hotel. This resort property is a condominium, where all units are individually and independently owned, and where the common areas of the property, including, but not limited to, the pool area, are managed by a singular property owners’ association. Some owners elect to rent their units, while others do not. The owner and operator of this website is a licensed rental management agent acting on behalf of certain unit owners that elect to rent their units. Accordingly, our company is not responsible for the design, construction or equipment of the resort building itself or the layout of any individual units. Below are the recorded rules and regulations of the Island POA.  

Parking and Vehicle Registration:

Owner Parking Stickers

All owners in The Island must register their vehicles with the Island POA and an Island’s owners’ parking sticker must be displayed on the vehicle. Please see the onsite management’s Homeowner Services Department 2nd floor of the building for owner parking stickers and registration. Limit two stickers per household. Homeowner extended family members will need to obtain a temporary parking pass during visits from the onsite manager’s front desk.

Guest Parking Passes

All guests of the Island POA must register their vehicles with the onsite manager’s front desk and display the issued hanging parking pass so it is clearly seen from outside the vehicle. Logo must be facing outward so information can be properly displayed for security in the event a car needs to be moved. Unregistered vehicles are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Recommended number of parking passes for each unit is no more than 2 with the larger three- and four-bedroom suites having no more than four passes at any given time based on parking availability.

Extended Parking

Owners not staying on property need Board authorization prior to leaving vehicles on property for any length of time; Vehicles not in use shall not be allowed extended parking privileges June through August due to limited space. Contact Ally Mgt for board approval request form.

Trailers and Motorcycles

Due to limited parking, no guest trailers are permitted in June, July and August. During Bike Weeks, the Board has approved 10 owner/guest trailer spots available on a first-come, first serve basis upon arrival that will be parked in the south garage ground floor. Trailers must be of a size that fits in these spots. No trailers will be parked in the 15 min temporary parking spots out front. All motorcycles must be parked ground floor North garage.

RV’s, Boats, Watercraft, Golf Carts, Rental Scooters

No campers, mobile homes, boats, or watercraft are permitted without consent of the Board of Directors. Guest Golf carts and or/Rental golf carts and rental scooters are prohibited due to parking limitations. Owners may seek board approval for these items. Contact Ally Mgt for board approval request form. Owners once approved by board will need to obtain a parking pass from the onsite company’s front desk. No parking is allowed in front of the dumpster without permission from the on-site management company.

Roof Top Luggage Carriers

Roof top luggage carriers must be removed and then the vehicle must be parked in parking garage. Spaces out front are reserved for 15-minute parking, oversized vehicles or handicapped individuals. Assistance with storage of roof top luggage carriers will be provided by the onsite management company for all owners and their guests of The Island POA.

Towing Policy

All vehicles on property must be registered with the on-site management company via the onsite front desk. Failure to register your vehicle can result in the vehicle being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Signs which indicate that towing is enforced are clearly displayed.

Rollerblades, Skateboards, Hoverboards

Rollerblades, Skateboards, Hoverboards, rip sticks are not permitted in the common areas such as parking garages, hallways, pool decks, lobby.

Valuables left in vehicles and damage to vehicles

Neither The Island POA nor the onsite management company are responsible for valuables theft in vehicles or other common areas nor our they responsible for damage to vehicles.

Pool Area

Pool and Spa Rules and Operating hours

Hours of operation are October to May 8am-10pm June to Sept 8am -11pm and are enforced. Persons under the age of 14 are not permitted in the pool areas unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Supervising those under the age 14 from the balcony is not acceptable. Use of this facility is ONLY permitted for all Island POA Owners and their guests. There is No Lifeguard on Duty. Use of this facility is at your OWN risk.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs may not be relocated on the pool deck without staff approval. Reserving pool chairs for longer than 30 minutes is not permitted. Items left unattended for more than 30 minutes may be removed by the onsite manager/security and will be placed in lost and found. Onsite management company is not responsible for lost items. Lounge chairs may not be placed in pools, taken to the beach or into any condominiums.

Pool Attire, Conduct, Wrist Bands, and floatation devices

All guests must wear proper pool attire and required pool wrist bands while in all pool areas. Wrists Bands are issued only by the onsite management front desk. Hard balls such as footballs or volleyballs may not be used in pools. Due to limited space, no floats of any kind are permitted in the outdoor or indoor pools and both spas except the floats provided by The Island POA for the lazy river. However, swimming aids such as arm floats, noodles, or infant innertubes are permitted. Lazy River Innertubes must be kept in the indoor pool area for use in the lazy river only.

Permissible Coolers and Containers at the Pool Deck

12 Quart coolers or smaller size coolers are permitted on the pool deck. Bottles, Ceramic mugs, and breakable and or glass objects of any kind are PROHIBITED on the pool deck. SCDHEC regulations and State Laws will be enforced. Please refer to postage pool deck signage for pool rules as well.

Noise and Private parties on the pools deck 

No speakers of any kind permitted on the pool deck. In accordance with the master deed, no private parties on the pool deck, indoor pool area, or veranda without the consent of Onsite Management Company (commercial unit owner).


All trash must be placed in heavy duty plastic bags and secured tightly No Trash of any kind should be left in the hallways. Please use the trash cans in elevator bays on any of the floors to dispose of trash. No large furniture items or appliances should be left in hallways or in the parking garages to be discarded. These items must be removed by the owner to a proper off-site location.


Littering is prohibited throughout the resort on all COMMON AREAS, including but not limited to cigarette butts, food and gum.


All balcony furniture must be chocolate or brown in color. Owners that currently have deviated from this with different colors are grandfathered in, however upon replacement of their existing furniture all new balcony furniture should be chocolate or brown in color. Articles of clothing, linens, towels etc. shall not be hung from balcony railings. Do not throw any objects from the balconies, this includes the flying of drones. Do not feed sea gulls from balconies. Owners and guests : always supervise those under their control including guests and invitees when they are utilizing the balcony. Wall hangings are prohibited on the balconies as it may breach the EFIS seal. Do NOT bring or drop glass or breakable objects on the balcony. Use plastic cups or containers.

Window Treatments

All window treatment backings seen from balconies or hallway corridors must be off white in color to maintain a uniform and pleasant look.


Renters and/or guests are not allowed to have pets on property. Owners may bring their pets, but must use discretion regarding their own pets, comply with the city leash laws, supervise and MUST CLEAN UP BEHIND THEIR PETS AT ALL TIMES. Owners’ pets may use common elements only for ingress or egress. The park across the street or the sidewalk/ walking paths north or south of the street side can be used to walk pets as well as the beach during acceptable times of the year. Check with the City of Myrtle Beach for leash laws and other info regarding pets on the beach. Where pets are determined to be causing a nuisance, owners may be fined and ultimately the pet can be subject to removal.

Limit two pets per condo and the pets should be either dogs or cats. Any exceptions for other types of animals must complete a board approval request form.

Fireworks/ Laser Pointer/Drones

Fireworks and/or laser pointers are strictly prohibited. All remotely controlled flying devices (drones) are hereby prohibited from being physically present or otherwise being used or operated over, on or in The Island POA. Any damages occasioned by the operator of the drone will be the responsibility of the operator and/or of the owner, resident or guest. No camera equipped drones will be allowed apart from the Commercial Unit owner for advertising purposes only.


Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all common and limited common areas of The Island. That includes condo balconies, hallways, and indoor and outdoor pool decks, veranda, and the lobby. Guests and owners can smoke on any of the parking garage levels with the ground floor North Parking garage level as the official designated smoking area. Smoking Marijuana or any other illegal substances can result in eviction and or arrest.

Right of Access

The Association via its Board of Directors designates the onsite management company as their agent and they may retain a key or lock combination to have access to each UNIT from time to time during reasonable hours as may be necessary for pest control, replacement of common elements or making emergency repairs to prevent damage to the common elements, or any other unit or units within the condominium. No owner may alter any lock or install new locks on any door without providing the association access to their unit. Failure to provide access may result in fines.

Outside Contractors

All outside contractors must sign in at the front desk with the onsite management company front desk, present their credentials and or/ID and register their vehicles. Failure to register their vehicle may result in vehicle towing with that expense paid for by the vehicle owner. 

Construction Period and Blackout dates

A Blackout Period for major construction for units will be observed from Memorial Day until Labor Day and holiday and peak periods. No construction will be approved by the association during this period, excluding emergencies. 

Major construction includes grinding, cutting, hammering, the removal of drywall, the replacement of flooring, countertops, bathroom fixtures and any other work creating noise that may disturb neighboring units. Owners must request a board approval form via Ally Mgt prior to work commencing. No construction will be approved by the association during this period, excluding emergencies. However minor decorating and repairs will be allowed provided there is no excessive noise. Hours of work should not begin prior to 9am or continue beyond 6pm.

Hallways, Stairwells, Elevators, Parking Garages

Running or Playing in the corridors, stairwells, elevators and parking garages is prohibited.


The use of grills is prohibited on unit balconies. Grilling is also prohibited on the pool deck except for the commercial unit owner.

Candles Incense or Other Open Flames

The use of candles, incense or other open flame devices are strictly prohibited inside condominium units or on the balconies. Battery operated candles are permitted.


No unlawful, noxious or offensive activity will be carried on upon the PROPERTY, nor will anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. There shall not be maintained any devices or things of any sort, the normal activities or existence of which is in any way noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant or of a nature to diminish or destroy the enjoyment of other UNITS or property of The Island POA.


The Rules and Regulations of the Island POA are intended to promote and preserve the enjoyment of The Island Community. Violations of the posted rules and regulations should be reported to Ally Management. Fines may be assessed as a result of violations.

Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by the Board of Directors in writing.